First coffee morning.. first lunch.. first blogsite..

Yearly activities of the Douala Women’s International Group (DWIG) coincide with the school year of either the American School of Douala or the Dominic Savio Schools. Hence, events have started to kick off on September 21, 2011, the first coffee morning hosted by Teresa at her house. At the first coffee morning of the year, memberships were renewed and new members were accepted. It was also the time for all the ladies to reconnect after months of holidays or being out of  Douala. The first coffee morning was well-attended and members were encouraged to sign on to the different activities for the year.

Traditionally, the Douala Coffee Morning (DCM) group would open the year with a lunch. This year, the working group tweaked a little the tradition and started the year with the coffee morning.  To keep the momentum of the DWIG, the first lunch was held on Sept. 28 at the Bombay Masala.  Close to 30 members joined the lunch. It was good food and good company!

Finally, this blogsite is up and running! The internet address of the site used to be “”. Such a long URL or internet address prompted the administrator to rename it to “”, lifting the name from a section of the newsletter of DWIG. Members are welcome to post in this blogsite, but you have to submit your articles or information to and indicate that you want the information posted in the blog. Visitors’ comments and questions are for sure welcome and will be responded to promptly.

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Who’s who in DWIG?

The Douala Women’s International Group or from hereon, DWIG, is composed of some 50 members as of September 2011. It is managed by a working group of 9 members, with two team coordinators to lead the group. The 9 members volunteer their time, effort and resources to ensure that the English speaking group in Douala is sustained. Why such a big group?, one might ask.  Reality is that most of the members of DWIG are expat wives who regularly travel in and out of the country. Hence the working committee was conceived to ensure the continuity of activities even if some committee members are not around. Within the working committee is a buddy system such that two people are responsible for a task, a group or an activity. If one is out of town, another can still make sure that what has been agreed upon will push through. So far, this arrangement has worked out nicely. Since its inception, the working committee has always had one or two persons out of the country during its meetings or activities.

Members of DWIG come from France, UK, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Cameroon, Philippines, Madagascar, Israel, Poland, Russia, Germany, Italy, Zambia, India, Tanzania, Singapore and  USA. They meet at least once a month, usually, the third Wednesday for coffee or tea that is hosted by a member in her house. This meeting is known as the coffee morning.  Aside from coffee mornings, members also meet for lunch and happy hour at designated restaurants or bars on certain days, as determined by the working group. While everybody is invited to join these activities, no one is forced to do so.

Moreover, several activities have been lined up for the year and some of them have already started: sewing and crafts, cooking demonstrations, power/speed walking, pilates, mums & tots playdates, outings (visits to places of interest in Douala and its vicinity), and book club. A member, usually coming from the working committee, takes care of an activity group.

To make sure that members are informed of what’s happening within the group, DWIG has launched a newsletter and this blog. Everyone is contacted through the group’s own email address: The first newsletter came out on Sept. 21, 2011. This blog is open to the public, but the newsletter is exclusive to the members!

So… if you’re interested in joining, contact us and we’ll sign you up, get you updated and connect you to the wonderful women of the group!

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Welcome to Douala!

Yes! An international women’s group exists in Douala. It has been known for a long time as the Douala Coffee Morning Group. But if you’re new in Douala, you wouldn’t think of searching for Douala Coffee Morning on the internet, unless somebody has mentioned it to you. DCM has a FaceBook page that you can visit but still, clueless about the name will not lead you to the group.

Thus after hearing the same frustrated feedback that people can’t find “international women’s group in Douala” or “English-speaking group in Douala” in the internet, the new working committee of the DCM group decided to rename DCM into the Douala  Women’s International  Group (and to create this blogsite!). It will continue what the DCM has started: a social network or a help group for those who find themselves landing in Douala not knowing where to start.

As you begin your adventure in Douala, finding someone or better yet, a group of people who would be more than happy to help you get started, will make your new life a little bit easier. The Douala Women’s International  Group (DWIG) will not have all the answers to your questions. What we offer are: a starter kit, coffee and tea at least once a month, some company, and potential friendship.

If you’re interested, contact us at or leave a comment on this site and we’ll respond to you gladly.

Welcome to Douala!

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