First coffee morning.. first lunch.. first blogsite..

Yearly activities of the Douala Women’s International Group (DWIG) coincide with the school year of either the American School of Douala or the Dominic Savio Schools. Hence, events have started to kick off on September 21, 2011, the first coffee morning hosted by Teresa at her house. At the first coffee morning of the year, memberships were renewed and new members were accepted. It was also the time for all the ladies to reconnect after months of holidays or being out of  Douala. The first coffee morning was well-attended and members were encouraged to sign on to the different activities for the year.

Traditionally, the Douala Coffee Morning (DCM) group would open the year with a lunch. This year, the working group tweaked a little the tradition and started the year with the coffee morning.  To keep the momentum of the DWIG, the first lunch was held on Sept. 28 at the Bombay Masala.  Close to 30 members joined the lunch. It was good food and good company!

Finally, this blogsite is up and running! The internet address of the site used to be “”. Such a long URL or internet address prompted the administrator to rename it to “”, lifting the name from a section of the newsletter of DWIG. Members are welcome to post in this blogsite, but you have to submit your articles or information to and indicate that you want the information posted in the blog. Visitors’ comments and questions are for sure welcome and will be responded to promptly.


About DWIG

The Douala Women's International Group (DWIG) is composed of English-speaking women living in Douala, Cameroon. DWIG aims to provide a social network for its members, whether newly arrived or those who have been in the country for sometime. The group is mostly composed of expatriate women, but it is also open to Cameroonese ladies. If you find yourself in Douala, don't hesitate to contact us at
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One Response to First coffee morning.. first lunch.. first blogsite..

  1. Raghida saoud says:

    Hi! I’m a new member. Hope to meet you this Wednesday.

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